Boxing is the ideal workout for fitness and conditioning. Boxers are the best conditioned athletes in the world and the Ultimate Boxing Workout replicates the most beneficial elements of a boxer’s practice to maximize results in the shortest amount of time. People from around the world, both women and men, are discovering how to stay fit through boxing exercises. Stamina, strength, speed, endurance, and more are all within your reach through the Ultimate Boxing Workout.

Exhilarating interval workouts teach you the foundations of boxing training, body awareness, and proper execution of movements, resulting in a challenging and safe exercise program.  It is a fun, effective, and dynamic workout and includes routines that cover all aspects of boxing training.

Experience the challenging physical training of a boxer and get in the best physical condition of your life!

How to Register

UBW will be running in 8 week progressive sessions at Two the Core. Sign up through our regular schedule on our website. Once you have signed up for the first day of the session, you will automatically be registered and committed for all 8.

What is the Cost

The fee for an 8 week session is $120 +hst. This is payable through online payment, e-transfer, cheque or cash.

Do I need my own Gloves?

It is highly recommended but not absolutely necessary to purchase your own set of boxing gloves. These can be purchased for a very reasonable price at fitness stores such as Sport Chek. We will have enough sets on hand to borrow, however picture yourself sharing a pair of shoes with multiple people working out……then decide for yourself 🙂

About Andy Dumas

Andy had the fortune of growing up in an environment that promoted physical activity and the training of boxing. At a young age he hit the heavy bag, worked on his rhythm on the speed bag, jumped rope and learned to compete in the ring. He understands the long hours of training, the commitment to the sport, and the intense mental focus that is required of the very best conditioned athlete.

As a Certified Canadian Boxing Coach and a Fitness Consultant, Andy coaches novices, fitness enthusiasts, seasoned athletes and boxers on the fundamentals of boxing and fitness.

Andy is the co-author of five best-selling fitness books, “The One-Two Punch” (2002 McGraw Hill) “Knockout Fitness” (2009 Skyhorse Publishing.) “Old School Boxing Fitness” (2013 Skyhorse Publishing.) “Successful Boxing” (2013 Crowood Press.) “Fitness Boxing” (2014 Crowood Press.) These projects have been endorsed by the World Boxing Council (WBC).

Andy’s is working with the WBC to develop “The World School of Boxing”, designed to reach all gymnasiums worldwide. This program will provide trainers with guidance on the best procedures for physical training, medical basics and boxing tactics through printed material and videos.

Andy has been featured in Men’s Health, Muscular Development, Oxygen, Self, Muscle Mag International and Club Success magazine. He has appeared on “Body and Health” on Global TV and on various shows for the CBC and ABC Television. He was the resident Fitness Expert on the TV show “Real Life with Sharon Caddy” on CTS television.

Andy is the creator of The Ultimate Boxing Workout. “UBW is for those who want to experience the type of training a boxer goes through to get into top shape.”

The Ultimate Boxing Workout is one of the most exhilarating training routines ever developed. This is the place where boxing and fitness meet in perfect balance.


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