If you are looking for a fitness program that is completely unique to you, personal training is it. On initial visit, we will determine together what your goals are, whether that be sport specific, weight loss, or general fitness, and develop a program to achieve success. You may even have very specific goals such as increasing skating speed for hockey, agility for soccer, or even toning up to fit into that black dress!

With personal training you have the option to vary your workout locations. Your program may include sessions indoors or out, on flat land, mountain or water, or all of the above.


If you have similar goals as a close friend or spouse, working out together can be extremely motivating. As with private sessions, we will determine what your goals are and develop a program suitable to both of your needs. Locations of your workouts are as open as with a private session and as varied as you wish.

Private Group Sessions

Group sessions are an opportunity for people to create their own fitness group with friends, co-workers or sports teams. As with the private and semi-private sessions, groups will be working towards specific pre-determined fitness goals. The minimum number for a private group session is three and the location for your workouts may include parks, hills, water or indoor locations.


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