2TC Trail Running Group

Are you interested in Trail Running? Who said you had to already be a runner to run trails! We welcome first timers as well as advanced runners to join our 2TC trail run group with the goal of summer racing or just coming out for the pure joy and fitness benefits of being part of the group!

We will explore new trails every Wednesday evening. We will have beginner and advanced training options, for 5km, 10km and sometimes longer distance groups if there are enough participants. Depending on your distance goal, we will guide you through what is needed for your training on the other days of the week to help get to where you want to be.

Info Meeting – April 24th, 2019 @ 7:15pm

This is our first meeting to go over topics such as what to expect in terms of group and individual training for the following 9 weeks, how trail running differs from road in terms of fitness, nutrition and gear, and have a better idea of what everyone’s goals are. Participation is FREE, so take advantage of what group training has to offer and at least come out to the meeting and ask the questions!!

Wednesday 6:00pm Runs – starts May 1st, 2019

This is our weekly trail run for our 2TC Trail Run Group. Every week we will run a different trail within our area so please register on our website so that we have all of your contact information for you to receive weekly directions to the trail head and carpooling options. Beginner and advanced options will be available. Participation is $20 for the season but please sign up ahead of time so that we are expecting you.

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