At Two The Core we offer a wide variety of classes in our studio. Our aim is to provide a diverse population variability in their training regimens, all under one membership! Here are some class descriptions to see what may fit your needs.

Full Cycle

Full Cycle is a 1 hour spin class that may include hill climbs, speed work, interval training, endurance and strength. This class is appropriate for avid outdoor riders that want to maintain their cycle-specific fitness through the off season as well as non-riders that enjoy a thorough cardiovascular workout to some great music!

Cycle & Strength

This class will begin on the bike for 30 minutes getting in an efficient training ride that may focus on endurance, sped, or power depending on the workout that day. The remaining 30 minutes will be off the bike focusing on pure full body strengthening using a variety of our gym equipment.

Cycle & TRX

Spend your first 30 minutes on the bikes for an efficient cardiovascular interval workout. The remaining 30 minutes is spent on the TRX suspension straps for full body, multi- muscle strengthening that incorporates core control for each exercise. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities as the TRX exercises are easily modifiable.

TRX Strength & Release

Suspension training requires multi-muscle involvement including your core as part of every exercise performed. Each movement can be easily modified for different fitness levels and abilities as it relies on body weight and angles to challenge your workout. After 40-45 minutes of a full body strength workout, the reminder of the hour you will spend releasing the tension you have created with use of foam rollers and Acuballs.


This stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. This class will provide you with intense full body strength and conditioning. This is an efficient work out that will get you stronger, increase your endurance, power and overall fitness level.

Barre Core

Barre integrates elements of dance, strength training, Pilates and cardio. In our 1 hour Barre Core class we use a combination of body weight, small toning weights and balls to hit every muscle group to fatigue. Core training and functional strengthening are the main focuses of these workouts.


The goal of pilates is to optimize musculoskeletal performance through strength, flexibility and endurance with a focus on core stability. Each exercise in this 1 hour class has a specific goal and are ordered with a specific purpose. We begin on the mat working through these exercises that have you flexing, extending and rotating. Every muscle comes into play during a good workout and you may even feel taller when you leave!

Zenga Infused Pilates


Outdoor S&C

Making the most of our beautiful waterfront in the summer weather, we take our strength & conditioning outdoors for this class. We will meet at the studio and then travel short distances stopping frequently to do interval workouts. This class uses body weight, bands, other portable equipment and natural obstacles to gain a full body workout.
Make sure to bring a water bottle as well as hat if it’s a hot day.

Strength & Flow Yoga

In this 1 hour and 15 minute class, each pose is held between the flow to increase flexibility, strength and endurance while using Yoga principles to align the body. The class provides a challenging workout using your body’s natural resistance.
This class is held on the Thornbury Pier to the left of the Marine. Please bring your own mat, water bottle as well as sunglasses or a hat if it’s a hot morning. If the weather is not cooperating, head to the Two The Core studio for an inside practice.

Yoga on the Pier

Join us at the Thornbury Pier for a 1 hour, 15 min Strength & Flow Yoga class for one of the most peaceful and energizing classes you’ll ever experience to start your Sunday. We will provide some mats and props but please bring your own mat if you have one. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather (i.e. sunscreen, glasses, long sleeves) and bring a water bottle. If the weather is not cooperating we will move the Yoga class just up the hill to our Two The Core studio.

Fit Moms With Babes

Babies are welcome for this 1 hour class that will rebuild and improve your fitness in your first year post-partum. This class will take you through a full body strength workout that will incorporate TRX suspension training and Barre, both of which have a strong focus on core control and stabilization. All fitness levels are welcome as we will make modifications available whether that be to increase or reduce intensity. Please inform instructor of any complications due to pregnancy or delivery, e.g. diastasis recti. Dad’s are also welcome to join in class with their babies!

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